Check out OUR state of the art approach in cosmetic dentistry. CAD/CAM dentistry is a recent process of streamlining crowns and bridge dentistry.

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CAD/CAM dentistry is the state-of-the-art process of streamlining crown and bridge dentistry, whereby instead of waiting for your crowns and bridges to be fabricated by a lab, it is designed and milled whilst you wait!

The use of computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) represents a new approach to providing single-tooth crowns and multi-unit bridges for suitable patients.

CAD/CAM crowns are as strong as lab fabricated crowns, and a single unit (or two adjacent units) can be fabricated in approximately 2 hours. Which eliminates the necessity of a repeat visit for Dr Tan's patients. 

Single unit CAD/CAM all ceramic eMAX or Empress crowns $1800 per 2 hour appointment.

Single unit CAD/CAM hybrid restorations/fillings $880 per unit.