The replacement of teeth with titanium dental implants is steadily becoming an appropriate and straightforward means of replacing lost teeth. Titanium implants have a clinical record of over 50 years now, with the first implants placed by Prof Branemark now approaching 60 years in longevity. Dr Tan has been restoring and placing dental implants for over 10 years now and uses two excellent implant systems in his work - Nobel Biocare and BioHorizons.

He's a member of the Dental Implant Network, and also works extensively with oral maxillo-facial surgeons on Auckland's North Shore in the provision of All-On-4 prostheses, as well as placing and restoring his own All-On-4 and All-On-BioHorizons cases.



Consultation NZD$105

Periapical X-ray NZD$30

Panoramic X-ray NZD$125

3D scan (if needed) external provider

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Implant surgical stent (if needed) NZD$220 - NZD$995

Dental Implant Surgery  NZD$2450

Dental Implant Supported Crown  NZD$2450

If sedation and/or grafting needed (additional charges may apply)

IV Sedation NZD$880

Soft tissue and bone grafting POA


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