Wisdom teeth can be a PAIN! Literally. Wisdom teeth, or third molars often become an issue in the third decade of life, i.e. when you are in your 20s! Most often as a result of a lack of space for these teeth to come through, there are many reasons why this is the case but suffices to say, when these teeth become "blocked" or "impacted" they can cause no end of trouble!

The treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is very often simple - just get them out! However, this can be an anxiety ridden decision for many! Wisdom teeth extraction under IV sedation is a very effective solution for an uncomfortable, yet straightforward, bit of surgery. 

Dr Tan has been performing dento-alveolar surgery, including removing wisdom teeth for 22 years now, and has seen hundreds of patients for this procedure over the years. Although the extractions are not without risks and complications, careful management of extraction and experience reduces these risks.

Any consultation will include a discussion of the risks and complications associated with YOUR personal situation. 


Initial Consultation $105

Digital panoramic x-ray $150

CBCT(3D scan) $330

Removal of a single wisdom tooth under IV sedation $1100

Removal of two lower wisdom teeth under IV sedation $1500

Removal of three or more wisdom teeth under IV sedation $2200

*18 months interest free finance available. GEM VISA. Subject to credit criteria. Quick approvals online.


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